who we are

Advance Tech Mex Corporation is a society in which our main business is to provide high quality products and systems based on the different needs of each client. We manufacture our own products; thus, giving us the opportunity to adapt to every client’s necessities and to provide the highest quality products made specifically to meet all requirements.


AMC’s biggest responsibilities is to administer and to supervise that all work is done in an honest and legal manner; therefore, promoting honesty, integrity and devotion to each of our products.


AMC is dedicated to the design and integration of telecommunication systems, and multimedia solutions, whether these are through satellite, terrestrial and wireless microwaves. Among the ones we may mention video, audio, data, video-conferencing, websites, along with others.


AMC offers products and systems with the highest quality in the market that meets the specific necessities for every of our customers. We have worked with radio and television distributors, header cable operators, mobile broadcasting operators, companies that work specifically for Internet services and States’ companies. Our main goal is to give the customer a real multimedia and/or communications solution.


AMC takes with great responsibility the administration and management of a project, in order to promote honesty, integrity, and dedication. Moreover, we are constantly looking for new technology that let us serve our customers with better service and better strategies that meet every single requirement that our customers have.


AMC believes that the combination of satellite transmissions should be coupled with wireless and technology stations by the Internet; by this way, we can offer to our customers a global communication. We also have strategic relations with our manufactures, which can give you the confidence that we will always be there to help our customers with any problem they have.


AMC is located in a strategic point of San Antonio Texas and Mexico City; this gives us the opportunity to offer you a technical support in many different places around Mexico and the US, in which we have skill staff that meet the requirements that can give our customers the support they need, in case this were necessary.



Some of our clients and partners.


In a world of constant innovation we keep our passion to be one of the leading companies in telecommunications techonology.